Newt Gingrich Says Voters Should Vote More Than Democrats Can “Steal”

( Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned that Republicans absolutely must turn out in the Georgia runoff elections on January 5, suggesting that they would need to “turn out more votes than Stacey Abrams can steal” in the upcoming race.

It comes as the president’s legal team runs out of time to secure election integrity and reverse the call of this year’s presidential election for Joe Biden over evidence of widespread election fraud in at least five states.

“They need to vote because the key to a Republican victory is to have more votes than the left can steal,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox & Friends.

Georgia also happens to Gingrich’s home state. In January, Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue go up against Democrat challengers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. In normal circumstances, the race wouldn’t be quite so contentious or hotly fought. The state has long been Republican, but in the presidential election unexpectedly turned Democrat…though not without any controversy.

Evidence in the form of video footage and hundreds of sworn affidavits from witnesses suggest that widespread fraud took place in the state, including instances of election officials counting ballots without proper observation. One video even showed election workers pulling ballots from underneath a table cloth and counting them in secret after sending media representatives and ballot observers away.

Fox anchor Steve Doocy asked Gingrich what he meant by “steal,” to which the former Speaker said that there were 1.2 million unverified absentee ballots in this presidential election alone. He also added that in the 2018 race election, 3.5 percent of absentee ballots were not accepted.

“This year it was 0.3%. The difference is three times Biden’s margin and nobody can explain it,” he said. “The agreement the Secretary of State made with Stacey Abrams was crazy. They have their back now once again with these boxes where you can drop off ballots, which are an invitation to going out and gathering votes, which is illegal under Georgia law.”

Not only could the election be compromised by absentee ballot fraud, but the Republican Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has not been on the side of President Trump in his fight to ensure election integrity. Kemp has gone as far as refusing to order a special session of the legislature to appoint presidential electors in the way the Constitution allows, and stood in the way of a signature verification audit of the ballots cast in this election.

If Republicans don’t turn out, the Senate could be handed over to Democrat control in January, and that may give the far left control of all three branches of government.