Newt Gingrich Predicts Red Tsunami In State Legislators

( Former Republican speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek that described his views on the supposed “blue wave” that never came to light in the 2020 elections.

Now, he predicts that a “red tsunami” is likely to happen in local elections, as voters move away from Democrats and toward Republican ideals.

Gingrich talked about how Democrats during the Obama administration raised and spent so much money trying to help Democrats win positions in state legislatures. Their hope, he said, was to gerrymander the House for the next 10 years.

He cites a report from the head of the American Legislative Exchange Council, Lisa Nelson, which says Democrats spent at least three times as much as Republicans did in state legislative races during the Obama administration.

Mainstream media predicted that Democrats would trounce Republicans in the 2020 elections — not just for the president but for seats in the U.S. House, Senate and local elections as well. They got help from the big tech companies that were censoring conservative viewpoints much more so than they were liberals.

But, as Gingrich pointed out:

“When the elections for state legislators were over, the Republicans had created a populist, grassroots tsunami which defeated Democrats and set the stage for a decade of creativity at the state level.”

In 31 state legislatures, Republicans hold the majority in both houses. Democrats hold control in 18 states.

Minnesota is the only state that has split control of its two chambers, and Republicans control the state senate there. There, the Democratic Farmer Party spent as much as $18 million trying to win the state Senate for the Democrats, but they “came up empty.”

In 23 states, Republicans have control of both the legislature and the governor’s office. Those states have almost 136 million residents. Democrats, meanwhile, have control of the legislature and governor’s office in only 15 states, and they have only 120 million people. What’s more, 39 million of those people come from California alone.

Even more eye-opening is that Republicans control the state legislature in seven states where there is a Democratic governor, compared to only three such situations the other way.

Gingrich described more about the red tsunami, and the failure of the blue wave:

“The red tsunami was created because the American people rejected the radicalism of the Democrats, and a new generation of Republican candidates brought new energy, ideas and supporters to the GOP.

“In Georgia, Republicans elected their first Latino state senator (Jason Anavitarte).

“In Kansas, Republicans elected the youngest woman to the Kansas state senate (Kristen O’Shea).

“In Ohio, Republicans elected their first Indian-American state senator (Niraj Antani).

“In Arizona, Republican women candidates had a 60 percent success rate and made up about 36 percent of the total Republican winners.

“Every Republican can take some confidence in these tumultuous times that at the grassroots and in the states there is a Republican tsunami building which is going to overwhelm the imagined blue wave and create dynamic opportunities in 2021 and 2022.”