Newsom Cans Bill To Provide Pregnancy Prevention In Schools

According to a report, a law that would have funded condoms in high schools was vetoed on Sunday by Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom, who cited a lack of budgetary resources.

According to Senate Bill (S.B.) 541, every school must give condoms to all pupils in grades 9 through 12 to avert pregnancy and STDs. Additionally, the bill stressed the need for comprehensive sexual health education.

The law would require each public school to stock condoms in two places on school property where students can access them during the school day with no need for staff help or approval.

In a statement defending his veto, Newsom highlighted fiscal concerns while also calling for increasing access to condoms in schools to promote better teenage sexual health.

Access to condoms and other evidence-based efforts are crucial for teen sexual health, but this legislation would result in an unfunded responsibility for public schools, which should be considered throughout the budgeting process.

Newsom said he reached an agreement with lawmakers to fill a $30 billion hole using fiscally responsible measures that spared essential social services. Proposals outside of the budget would add $19 billion.

According to a report, Conservative organizations’ vocal opposition to the law was well-documented. The California Policy Council claimed that the bill’s passage would have led young people to believe that sex is trivial and carried out for amusement with multiple partners.

According to a California government website, Newsom recently enacted Assembly Bill (AB) 665 into law that would allow for the removal of children from their homes and placement in shelter services in the absence of proof of child abuse. In addition, children aged 12 and above can provide their informed permission for mental health treatments and placement in a residential shelter without first consulting with a parent or legal guardian.