Newsmax Website Traffic Explodes

( Newsmax, the conservative-friendly news outlet that became competitive with Fox News last year, reported a surge in website traffic this week as other conservative websites experience dips.

It indicates just how far the news network landscape has come, and how smaller networks are catching up with the establishment news giants.

In a report published by Newsmax this week, reporter Charlie McCarthy described how the network is seeing “extraordinary growth in web traffic”, with 126% growth in unique visitors online and via web apps last month, compared to February 2020.

The data was not collected by Newsmax, but instead by TheRighting blog, which revealed how 60% of the top conservative websites saw year-over-year declines in unique visitors last month.

Of the 20 websites listed in the top conservative websites chart on the site, 12 showed overall declines, with Newsmax among those on top.

“For the fourth consecutive month, Newsmax registered triple-digit YOY gains in traffic,” the site revealed.

It also showed how Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire and Dan Bongino’s websites were growing as the establishment sites plummeted.

“The increasingly popular website joined The Daily Wire and generating significant audience increases in February, bucking the downward trend for most right-wing websites,” the blog added.

Howard Polskin, the President and Chief Curator of The Righting said that February’s softer news environment impacted the traffic on conservative websites.

“The year 2020 was one of the most consequential since 1969, which resulted in consumers flocking to news outlets,” he added.

Polskin also speculated that unless there are some “major unforeseen news developments” during the rest of the year, there is likely to be more decline among conservative news sites through 2022 and until the midterms in 2022.

He also suggested that traffic would “drop precipitously” in March 2021 when compared to figures from March 2020, the month that the pandemic officially began.

Remember those headlines?

Newsmax added to Polskin’s analysis and reported that their TV network, Newsmax TV, also saw growth. According to recent Nielsen data, Newsmax TV’s Total Day viewership from 2020’s fourth quarter was up by 800% over the third quarter of 2020.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Newsmax can maintain that growth amidst a more tedious news landscape.