Newsmax Reports FBI Agent Has “Secret Documents” At His House

Newsmax host Greg Kelly appears to have developed a line of thought regarding former FBI agent Peter Strzok that he believes is noteworthy.

In the latest episode of Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday, the host persisted in defending former President Donald Trump, who was formally charged on Tuesday with 37 counts in a federal court in Miami. 

The Department of Justice alleges that Trump knowingly retained classified documents after his tenure as president and consistently impeded the government’s efforts to recover them. Trump entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

Expressing his views on the matter, Kelly remarked, “Meanwhile, we’re expected to be appalled by these events. They included this in Trump’s indictment. 

What did they present? A depiction of what? A box with some papers protruding from it. Naturally, many individuals presumed this to be classified material or something of the sort.”

The indictment includes photographs of document boxes in various locations within Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, including a ballroom and a bathroom. 

Among these images, Kelly specifically focused on a photo showcasing toppled-over boxes that seemingly contained periodicals at some point.

“There isn’t a single classified item in there,” Kelly asserted. “It’s merely a collection of newspapers, pictures, and miscellaneous items. Stuff! Everyone has stuff! Why was this included in the indictment? It’s very, very peculiar.”

Following his commentary on the document boxes, Kelly shifted his attention towards Peter Strzok, a former FBI agent who was dismissed in 2018 due to the revelation of text messages where he expressed the intention to impede Trump from assuming the presidency during the 2016 election. 

Strzok was a member of the investigative team examining Russia’s interference in that contest.

“Meanwhile, Peter Strzok, who you may recall as Mr. Lisa Page, was the subject of discussion as Kelly delved into their extramarital affair. Accompanying her commentary was footage of a silent Strzok appearing on MSNBC.

“Strzok seems to have a regular presence on MSNBC,” Kelly remarked, prompting viewers to take notice of the background behind him. 

Drawing attention to the bookshelf, she exclaimed, “Observe what you can see there. These items are worth investigating. They appear to be classified documents.”

The camera zoomed in on two pieces of paper positioned behind Strzok, clearly labeled “TOP SECRET” and “SECRET.”

“Those documents serve as cover sheets,” Kelly continued. “They contain sensitive information. Interestingly, these are the same type of materials that caused alarm when discovered at Mar-a-Lago.”

Kelly suggested that Strzok was “using secret documents as decorations in his home.”