Newsmax Replaces OAN In Giant Deal With Verizon

( Last week, Newsmax announced that it had signed a new multi-year deal with Verizon to continue broadcasting on FiOS.

The news of Newsmax’s renewal came just days after Verizon announced that it failed to reach an agreement with One America News to renew OAN’s contract with FiOS.

Two weeks ago, Verizon announced it would be dropping the pro-Trump One American News when its current contract expired on July 31.

In a statement on July 21, Verizon said OAN failed to agree to the terms Verizon laid out during its carriage negotiations with the network. When the current contract expired on July 31, FiOS removed OAN from its line-up.

The controversial cable news network, which is currently being sued for defamation over its reporting on the 2020 presidential election, has never been carried on the two major cable companies, Comcast or Charter.

In January, AT&T announced that it would not renew One America News’ contract to air on DirecTV when its previous contract expired in April.

OAN sued AT&T for breach of contract, but the suit failed.

Now that it has been dumped by Verizon, OAN is no longer available at any major cable or satellite provider.

Unlike OAN, Newsmax is the fourth highest-rated cable news network in the country and is carried on all major cable and satellite providers.

According to Nielsen, Newsmax is a top 20 daytime cable channel.

In a statement last week, Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy described Verizon as “outstanding partners” committed to presenting “diverse, independent voices.” Ruddy said Newsmax has been carried on FiOS “for many years” and the network is happy to continue partnering with Verizon under “this new agreement.”