New York Times Sued For Defamation

( Taylor Lorenz, a well-known reporter from The New York Times, is currently the target of a lawsuit by TikTok star Ariadna Jacob. The defamation lawsuit comes after Lorenz wrote a critical article that resulted in Lorenz losing her clients.

The $6.2 million defamation suit was filed in the U.S. Southern district of New York and claims that in August of last year, Lorenz published a number of “false and disparaging statements” about Jacob and her businesses. The suit says that Lorenz accused Jacob of leaking a nude photograph of one of her clients in order to manipulate him, a claim that she denies.

A representative of the New York Times says that the primary complaint from Jacob is that the New York Times gave a voice to young people who she feels mistreated by, and that it is “troubling” that Jacob is trying to use litigation to silence people who criticize her business practices.

The original story by Lorenz claimed that Jacob increased the rent on tenants who lived in her Los Angeles home, after she started leasing out spaces for people, and encouraging people to move into the home to work with her on producing viral TikTok content. Lorenz said that some people claim to have been harassed over not covering the rent, and were not paid for working for Jacob.

We do not know whether these accusations are true, but that is what the New York Times claimed.

Jacob’s company, “Influences,” was started in 2018. It managed up to 85 other TikTok stars, including Dixie D’Amelio, Charli, and Addison Easterling.

No, we have never heard of them, either.

As a result of the New York Times piece, Jacob lost all of her clients, bringing her lucrative business to an end. She claims in the suit that she became “radioactive” in her industry, and that people believe she stole from clients, leaked “revenge porn” photos to the public, and even filmed young people without their consent.

This is going to be the most Gen Z lawsuit we have ever seen.