New Trump Poll Shows Him Clobbering Competitors By 30 Points In 2024

( Believe it or not, former Vice President Mike Pence might actually be considering running for president in 2024 – and if that happens, it could be very interesting. Sitting on tens of millions of dollars in funds, Pence has reportedly established an exploratory committee to see whether running would make sense.

All the while, former President Donald Trump is widely believed to be preparing a run of his own.

But according to a new poll of Republicans, some 47% say that they would vote for the former president if the GOP primary were taking place right now. Mike Pence is the second-most popular choice, but only has 13% of respondents. He is just one point ahead of popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who took 12% of the vote.

Not a single GOP candidate, or prospective candidate, even comes close to former President Trump’s popularity – and if those candidates try to take the candidacy away from Trump, they’ll have to publicly debate and criticize him.

Can you honestly imagine a scenario whereby the former vice president and Ron DeSantis get up on a stage and slam former President Donald Trump despite praising the incredible work he did in the White House he did for four years?

The poll from Morning Consult reveals how, if Donald Trump runs again in 2024, the playing field may not be so crowded. We may end up with a scenario whereby failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempts another stab at candidacy, or Florida Senator Marco Rubio takes one of the RINO team.

Perhaps Nikki Haley might jump in the race?

With only single digits of support, however, those last three candidates are unlikely to beat the Trump behemoth.

The survey was taken between October 8 and 11 and shows that despite the controversy over former VP Pence’s decision to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election, a large part of the Republican Party still has a great deal of respect for him.