New Poll Shows Major Inflation Concerns In Tragedy For Biden Administration

( A new poll should reveal to the Biden administration its bad policies, but may actually end up encouraging the president to continue down his plan to spend unprecedentedly large sums of money on “rescue” and “infrastructure” packages.

A poll from Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll just revealed that Americans are bullish about the state of the U.S economy, indicating a belief that the country is beginning to bounce back – but it also showed that Americans are greatly concerned about the issue of rising prices.

Who wants to bet Biden will take the positive news from this and completely ignore the very legitimate fears about inflation?

The poll found that 56% of respondents believe that the U.S. economy is strong and continuing steady growth. That’s an increase over the 45% who said the same thing in January when President Biden first came into office and the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns were still being felt.

Thankfully, the number of Americans who say that their personal finances are improving increased, with some 33% reporting that their financial outlook had improved. The percentage of respondents who said that their financial prospects had declined dropped from 27% in January to 23% this month.

It’s an indication that the United States economy is very much rebounding, and much of that could be to do with President Donald Trump’s string of tax cuts.

It’s good news for now, but inflation could very quickly cause major economic trouble. American businesses are suffering a labor shortage thanks to the additional unemployment benefits being dished out at a federal level from the Biden administration. The situation has gotten so bad that the number of job vacancies in Texas is roughly the same as the number of people currently on unemployment benefits.

A plurality of respondents in the survey, some 39%, said that they blame President Biden’s incredible spending for the rising prices across the country, while 37% pin it on the cash handed out to American citizens during lockdown. 88% of respondents said that they were concerned about rising prices, including some 41% who stated that they are “very concerned.”

Let’s hope President Biden is just as concerned as American citizens about the cost of goods and services increasing as Americans try and get their businesses and finances back on track.