New Document Leaks From Rachel Maddow’s Staff

( Well, this is embarrassing. A producer from MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” accidentally CC’d the office of Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina on an email in which he said he refused to contact the congressman because he was “worried” that he would willingly appear on the show.

Cawthorn, who is 26 years old and about to face his first re-election challenge, revealed the embarrassing mistake and blasted MSNBC for existing in a “woke dystopian bubble” committed to silencing conservative views.

In an email, the MSNBC producer said that they were interested in an Associated Press story about Cawthorn. The story focused on North Carolina voters challenging his candidacy because of alleged ties to the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., which the network falsely described as an “insurrection.”

The producer asked if any NBC reporters on Capitol Hill planned to ask Cawthorn for comment on the story, and then said the following:

“If not, is that something you guys could do? We don’t have a relationship with his office and between you and me are a little worried that if we did inquire he might ask to come on and explain. I know that is HIGHLY doubtful, but don’t want to take that risk.”

…incredible. Just incredible, isn’t it? Journalists are scared about reaching out to a Republican politician about wildly inaccurate accusations made against him over fear that he may use his right to reply to appear on MSNBC and rebuke those lies.

What are they scared of? The truth?

Cawthorn responded by screenshotting the email and publishing a link to a Fox News story on the matter on Twitter, along with the tagline, “Whoopsies @MSNBC!”

Neither MSNBC nor Rachel Maddow have apologized for the serious breach of the journalistic ethical code, and we can’t imagine they will, either.

Cawthorn will seek re-election in this year’s midterm elections, seeking to represent the recently redrawn 13th district of North Carolina.