New Activity At Kim Jong Un’s Private Beach

( The luxury yacht belonging to Kim Jong Un was spotted on satellite imagery on Monday docked by the North Korean dictator’s private beach along the east coast near Wonsan.

Over the past year there have been flurry of reports that Kim’s health is failing – even some conjecture that he might already be dead.

But the return of his luxurious pool boat – made infamous in 2013 after the UK Sun published photos of former basketball star Dennis Rodman relaxing aboard while enjoying cigars with Kim – may tell a different story.

It is not uncommon for those looking to track the elusive Kim’s movements to rely on the location of his luxury yacht to find him. However, Kim himself may use this yacht as a decoy of sorts to throw people off his scent.

According to NK News, in 2020 – around the same time reports of his failing health were making the rounds — Kim’s infamous yacht remained docked at his private beach for nearly five months. So the presence of his yacht this week may not necessarily indicate he himself is there.

If the yacht does signal an impending visit to the east coast, it is possible Kim will use this visit to attend military drills or to participate in inspections of a nearby Wonsan-Kalma beach tourist zone.

Kim’s last public appearance was Thursday, May 6 during a performance featuring military families at Mansudae Art Theater in Pyongyang.

Last month, during his address to Congress, President Biden outraged North Korean officials for referring to the DPRK’s nuclear program as “a serious threat to America’s security and world security.”

DPRK foreign ministry official Kwon Jong Gun accused Biden of making “a big blunder” – threatening that “the US will find itself in a very grave situation.”

Next Friday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is scheduled to visit the President at the White House to, according to Jen Psaki, “further strengthen our alliance and expand our close cooperation.”

In a recent interview with the New York Times, President Moon said he would be calling on Biden to re-open negotiations with Pyongyang on North Korean denuclearization.