Netflix Announces Cancellation Of Show About Children  

( Netflix recently canceled a “woke” children’s show after it aired for its final season, according to The Daily Wire. “Ridley Jones” debuted in 2021 and is intended for audiences ages 2-6. The show is reportedly about a girl living with her mother and grandmother in a magical museum. It featured a bison who claimed to be non-binary using “they/them” pronouns and had “two dad mummies.” 

In the now infamous scene, “Fred” explains to her grandmother that she is not a she or he, but a they and claimed that “Fred” suits her best. Her grandmother then apologizes for having misgendered and misnamed her.  

The scene prompted many to publicly call for canceling their subscriptions, according to The Sun 

The show was created by Chris Nee, a lesbian and mother, who tweeted that she intends to change the world and portray it as she wants it to be. She claims that she knows what it is like to be “othered.” The tweet, now limited in who is allowed to view it, was showered with support. There were some who expressed disapproval of the obvious LGBTQ pandering.  

“I think that it is NOT necessary to put LGBT stuff in every Netflix production,” one user wrote.  

Nee was not enthusiastic about the cancelation and encouraged parents to show their preschool kids the episodes, saying that it is a blueprint for teaching them about “coming out” and changing their pronouns.  

“Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out,” Chris wrote 

Ahead of the launch, she reportedly described the world of the cartoon as filled with “oddball characters.”  

The show was also nominated for the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards, GLAAD Media Awards and Kidscreen Awards, winning Best Animation and Best Voice Talent at the Kidscreen Awards in 2022.