Netanyahu Reaffirms Vow To Continue War

In response to South Africa’s accusations that Israel is perpetrating genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, the International Court of Justice started hearings this month. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that Israel would continue its assault against Hamas.

South Africa requested the court to temporarily order the suspension of Israel’s air and ground attack over two days of proceedings at The Hague, after which Netanyahu made his statements on television.

According to Netanyahu, not even the Hague or the axis of evil—which includes Iran and its backed militias—will be able to halt their progress.

Israel has always denied the accusation of genocide leveled by South Africa, seeing it as disingenuous and slanderous. The U.S. State Department has also rejected claims that Israel committed genocide.

Following the barbaric assaults by Hamas, Germany stepped up to support Israel, with Germany’s spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit stating that Israel was defending itself.

Nearly 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed in an assault in Israel on October 7th, carried out by terrorists affiliated with Hamas. More than half of the approximately 250 hostages are believed to be still held in Gaza, but some have been freed or proven dead.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, which is managed by Hamas, over 23,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in the 100 days since Hamas initially launched the terrorist attack against Israel.

Israel has requested that the World Court reject the lawsuit due to its lack of merit. The Israeli defense cited the fact that South Africa paid little attention to Hamas and disregarded Israel’s efforts to reduce civilian casualties as evidence that Israel had the right to protect itself against a vicious adversary.

A report shows that s South Africa accused Israel before the United Nations’ highest court, Israel dismissed the claims as baseless and greatly exaggerated. Israel defended its actions by claiming it was fighting Hamas and not the Palestinian people, which was its right.

According to Tal Becker, the legal counsel of the Israeli foreign ministry, the terrible suffering of Israeli and Palestinian civilians is mainly caused by Hamas’ tactics, as Becker informed the court.