Netanyahu Denies Report About Biden & Hezbollah

When the attack that stunned the world broke out, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah joined Hamas in bombing Israeli citizens.

In the wake of the attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied claims that U.S. President Joe Biden had advised him not to strike Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which has gotten things wrong about the conflict, including the idea that a seven-day ceasefire would last, Biden advised Netanyahu against attacking Hezbollah. It is well-known that the United States takes great pains to shield the Lebanese government from criticism, with many American administrations using public funds to prop up the government of Lebanon even though Hezbollah controls the government.

Some Israelis questioned early on whether the United States had sent two aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean to discourage Iran from expanding the conflict or to discourage Israel from hitting Hezbollah. Without provocation, Hezbollah has pounded northern Israel nonstop throughout the battle, killing four civilians and eight Israeli troops. When provoked, Israel has retaliated.

If Israel’s counter-attack in Gaza were to end, Hezbollah would be willing to launch a more aggressive attack on the Jewish state, according to a senior official who spoke with Hamas, as reported in the Times of Israel. However, Hamas allegedly informed Hezbollah that Israel would continue its war in Gaza regardless of whether a northern front was opened.

Israel has prioritized achieving victory in the Gaza Strip before launching operations on other fronts. However, there is talk among Israelis that a conflict with Hezbollah is imminent unless the terrorist group agrees to leave Israel’s northern border.
The prime minister characterized the last two days as “difficult” combat after the deaths of five IDF troops on Saturday and eight on Sunday.

From the beginning, Netanyahu has made it plain that he does not think a two-front war is in Israel’s best interest, but he is willing to conduct it if forced to.