Nancy Pelosi Targeted By Fed Up Protestors In England

( Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited the United Kingdom, first attending an international Speakers Conference hosted by British House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle MP, before paying a visit to the University of Cambridge where she took part in a moderated discussion at the Cambridge Union Society.

But it was during her trip to the Speakers Conference, which was held in Lancashire, England – a heavily pro-Brexit part of the country that might be best compared to Republican states in the United States – that Pelosi faced backlash from the locals.

“The whole world knows that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, Nancy!” one man reportedly shouted during her time.

“Shame on you!” another shouted, while others told Pelosi to “get back to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island, Nancy!”

It looks like the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is alive and well!

The Western Journal reported on the backlash Pelosi received but did you hear about it anywhere else? We didn’t. The mainstream media only covered Pelosi’s participation in a tree-planting ceremony held with other parliamentary speakers.

After facing a backlash in the north, Pelosi then headed down south where she received a more…polite…reception by the University of Cambridge. But she was hardly polite about her political opponents.

Pelosi, who is widely believed to be the most partisan House Speaker in American history, told an audience that Republicans are in a “cult” and that the GOP is bad for America.


She then went on to admit that, yes, China is committing genocide against the Uighur Muslims…but tackling climate change is more important.

…we don’t know what to say to that.

How do you respond to that?