Nancy Pelosi Suggests Ukraine’s President Is A “Saint”

( Here’s a story from last week that you may have missed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Saint Patrick, on Saint Patrick’s Day, by reading a poem written by…Bono.

Pelosi made the bizarre comparison at the Friends of Ireland luncheon on Thu8rsday, reciting a poem (awkwardly) by Bono while the crowd continued eating their lunch and not really listening to what she said.

Pelosi told the press before the luncheon began that she would deviate from tradition a little this year, in a way that she said people may find “interesting.”

It was interesting, all right.

Pelosi told the audience that most people in the United States and Ireland consider Bono to be a “very Irish part of our lives.”

She then went on to read the following poem:

“Oh Saint Patrick he drove out the snakes
With his prayers but that’s not all it takes
For the snake symbolizes
An evil that rises
And hides in your heart
As it breaks
And the evil has risen my friends
From the darkness that lives in some men
But in sorrow and fear
That’s when saints can appear
To drive out those old snakes once again
And they struggle for us to be free
From the psycho in this human family Ireland’s sorrow and pain Is now the Ukraine
And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelensky”

And she didn’t deliver it particularly well, either. Stumbling on her words the same way President Biden does, Pelosi barely managed to get through the poem – and it left virtually everybody watching cringing.

Take a look:

You’ll notice that ABC News very obviously cut off the people in the foreground who weren’t listening to her…

Why is it that the Democrats are obsessed with pandering?

Perhaps it would have been more fitting to just go ahead with the annual tradition of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day…