Nancy Pelosi Promises To Squeeze Her Agenda Through

( This week, in her “Dear Colleague” press release, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her Democrat caucus her “What I did on my European Vacation” essay and capped it off by telling them that she asked Pope Francis to pray for them as they “reflect upon the opportunity we have to meet the needs of the American people.”


“Meet the needs of the American people.” Yeah right. By ramming through over five trillion dollars in needless spending which will kill jobs, cripple the economy, and make the already rising inflation skyrocket.

Pelosi’s “Dear Colleague” letter recapped that, though she was hobnobbing with the Europeans, the “discussions” on Biden’s laughably-named “Build Back Better” $3.5 trillion monstrosity “continued late into the night.”

Pelosi told her band of misfits that to pass both the monstrous $3.5 trillion spending bill and the so-called “bipartisan Infrastructure” bill “on time,” she thinks it is crucial that “difficult decisions must be made very soon.”

Of course, none of these “difficult decisions” include scrapping the bills entirely and leaving the American people alone. Because Democrats never leave us alone.

Pelosi confesses to her merry band that the guidance she is “overwhelmingly” receiving is they should do “fewer things well.” In other words, dial back the price tag and wish list to something less expensive otherwise this dog won’t hunt.

Of course, Nancy didn’t put it that way.

Instead, she said that doing fewer things well means they can “still have a transformative impact on families in the workplace and responsibly address the climate crisis.”

“Families in the workplace?”

So only help people on “bring your daughter to work day?” What on earth does “families in the workplace” even mean?

She summed up her “fewer things well” by calling it “a Build Back Better agenda for jobs and the planet For The Children!

Wait. There’s a planet For the Children? Where is it? Near Jupiter?

How is it that even in a pre-written statement, Nancy is incomprehensible and confusing?

Nancy also reminded them that “we must lift the debt ceiling,” adding that she hopes to get every Democrat on board for that and, hey, maybe even some Republicans!

And we thought Joe Biden was cognitively impaired.