Nancy Pelosi Loses After Kevin McCarthy Pulls Picks

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy officially withdrew every Republican pick to sit on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 “investigation” committee, after the far-left Speaker refused to seat Rep. Jim Banks on her committee.

Wasn’t this meant to be bipartisan?

McCarthy said that the Republican Party will not officially participate in the so-called investigation if the Democrats aren’t willing to play ball and seat Republicans to take part in the investigation and ensure it is fair.

Pelosi chose to refuse the appointment of Rep. Jim Banks and Rep. Jim Jordan by claiming they would affect the “integrity” of the investigation, citing their support of former President Donald Trump.

…which basically just confirms that Pelosi is only doing this to hurt the Republicans and former President Donald Trump after her efforts to impeach him (twice) failed.

Both Reps. Banks and Jordan voted to decertify Electoral College votes in the wake of President Joe Biden’s so-called victory, citing evidence of widespread fraud and misconduct.

McCarthy responded by stating that unless Speaker Pelosi “reverses course” and seats all five of the Republican nominees, the GOP will not take part in the “sham process” and will instead begin a separate investigation of the facts.

Pelosi insisted that she had accepted Rep. Rodney Davis, Rep. Kelly Armstrong, and Rep. Troy Nehls, but that she wouldn’t accept nominees who supported former President Donald Trump.

…so we can go ahead and assume that the Republicans and the Democrats will, at this point, be pursuing two different committees to investigate what really happened on January 6.

Rep. Banks said that Pelosi created the committee “solely to malign conservatives” and to justify a new authoritarian agenda from the Democratic Party. He recently traveled with former President Donald Trump to the U.S.-Mexico border where they exposed the damage being done by President Joe Biden’s horrific handling of the nation’s immigration and border crisis.