Nancy Pelosi Given Massive Gift By Democrat Lawmakers

( Controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi successfully diverted $200 million to her own district recently by slipping in a provision to the hugely controversial $3.5 trillion package proposed by the Democrats that would increase spending on far-left spending projects all over the country. Pelosi attempted to sneakily win favor with her district by snatching $200 million to make improvements in a national park in San Francisco, and despite the best efforts of House Republicans, appears to have gotten away with it.

House Republicans attempted to block Pelosi’s plan by introducing half a dozen amendments to the proposed plan that would redirect that $200 million to other parts of the country, but every single amendment was defeated by the Democrat majority.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee defended Pelosi’s decision to spend $200 million that the federal government doesn’t have to spend on the Presidio 1,500-acre golf course and park, situated near the famous Golden Gate bridge, by claiming that Pelosi “deserves” it.


Speaking to the Washington Times, the Democratic congressman said that she deserves it because she is “working 24/7” to keep the House going, and that she “does more for America” than any other member.

She certainly does more for the radical left than any other member.

But let’s be more specific about this.

Yes, it is true that the Presidio is a national park – but it’s also a popular San Francisco Golf Club frequented by millionaires and the top brass of the Democratic party. So rather than being a gift to nature, this appears to be very much a gift to…rich people.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boeber went hard against Pelosi on this, sharing a video on Twitter of Rep. Steve Cohen defending Pelosi’s insane plan, with the caption, “Americans’ tax dollars are not Pelosi’s personal piggy bank!”

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had to divert $200 million to one of his golf courses?

And if the Republicans defended him for doing it?