Murderous Teen Faces 17 Years In Prison

After serving his sentence, an adolescent who committed a “vicious” murder by stabbing his romantic rival to death will be twice his present age.

For legal reasons, he cannot be identified, but the 17-year-old wanted vengeance when the murder victim, Harley Barfield, started seeing his ex-girlfriend. He retrieved a kitchen knife from his residence, waited for his opportunity, and then ambushed the victim as he strolled to several stores to get food for his companions.

The juvenile offender, who first pleaded manslaughter but was later found guilty of murder at trial, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of seventeen years behind bars.

According to Justice Linden KC, since he had shown “little regret,” he posed a significant threat to the public and exhibited little emotion.

The court said he had a nasty and premeditated plot to murder Harley, wanted retribution, and was angry.

According to Harley’s dad, Darryl Barfield, his son was described as an “intelligent youngster with a great heart” who had been taught to value others. Also given anonymity was the girl trapped in the love triangle, who said that she had retreated socially and had “daily nightmares” as a result.

Ipswich Crown Court testimony indicates the defendant instigated a confrontation with Harley at a Haverhill, Suffolk, car park on the afternoon of January 9th, 2018, landed a punch, and then brandished a knife.

When Harley saw the blade, he attempted to flee. However, the other adolescent pursued him and stabbed him a dozen times. In the critical care unit at Cambridge’s Royal Papworth Hospital, Harley passed away two days later.

Jurors were informed that the murderer had shown possessive behavior towards the girl and had been in an “intense connection” with her.

After they broke up, he got ‘intensely jealous’ and began to harass her with texts and calls, making it seem like he was stalking her.

Threats of suicide and self-harm and carving the girl’s name into his arm and knuckles were among the methods used to try to get the girl back with him.

In addition, he looked up information on where to buy a pistol and how to stab someone.