Mueller Probe Phones GONE

( In May, the DOJ Inspector General said that 59 of the 96 phones assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team have gone missing. And Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson want to know what happened to them.

Last week, Grassley and Johnson sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting further information about the missing cell phones used by investigators running the bogus RussiaGate probe into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The Senators were compelled to send the letter after the DOJ failed to review more than twenty phones for record preservation after Grassley had asked them in September 2020 about possible violations of federal record-keeping laws. Grassley’s September request came after a FOIA revelation showed records on devices used by the Mueller investigators had been deleted.

In September, the DOJ IG told the Senators that several of the phones belonging to “multiple people” on the Special Counsel’s team were “wiped” for “various reasons.”

Whatever the “various reasons” may have been, wholesale evidence destruction is illegal. And now we know that 59 of those phones weren’t just “wiped” but have disappeared entirely.

Senators Grassley and Johnson are requesting the names of those on Mueller’s team whose cell phones weren’t reviewed by officials and if there has been any action taken to recover the missing phones. They also want to know if the DOJ reviewed devices to see if “they were used to leak sensitive or classified information.”

Over the last several years Grassley and Johnson have sent a number of requests to the DOJ about the Mueller investigation – as well as asking about records pertaining to President Biden’s son Hunter.

It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that the Mueller team or someone with the Department of Justice is engaging in a cover-up. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Justice Department abused the process for political purposes.

In late 2019, the DOJ’s Inspector General released a report finding that the FBI abused the FISA court process in obtaining and renewing surveillance warrants on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. In total, the IG found at least seventeen “significant errors or omissions” in the FISA surveillance of Page.