Most Americans Think Pelosi Should Resign If Reelected

( For a while, rumors circulated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was considering stepping down and not running for re-election in this year’s midterm elections. However, those rumors were soon quashed when Pelosi announced that she will be seeking re-election in 2022, even with the very high chances of the Republicans sweeping up and taking back control of Congress.

In the wake of that news, a new poll from Politico and Morning Consult found that a whopping 60% of registered voters think that it’s time for Pelosi to step down from her position as House leader should she win another term. Not even one-quarter of respondents – just 24% – said that Pelosi should seek another two years as House speaker.

Whether or not Pelosi has the support to serve another term as speaker, she can at least expect that her re-election bid should be fairly easy. Last time, Pelosi won reelection in the 12th Congressional district of California with 77.6% of the vote.

Announcing her bid to be re-elected, Pelosi made the incredible and unsubstantiated claim that the upcoming election is so crucial because “nothing less is at stake than our democracy.” She did not, however, explain how democracy is in peril or how the Democrats are going to stop that thread.

It appeared to be an indirect reference to Democratic efforts to pass sweeping election laws that would federalize elections, strip states of the right to direct their own elections, and make it easier for people to cast illegal votes. The bill, which failed to pass in the Senate, was pitched as a “voting rights” bill.

Pelosi has hinted in the past that she is considering leaving her leadership role, but she made no such commitment in her announcement that she plans to seek re-election in 2020.