More Hostages Released, Tales Of Terror Emerge

As the calendar year of 2023 draws ever closer to a close and the Christmas season is in full swing, the state of international affairs is poor. Two major conflicts rage in Europe and the Middle East, and the world appears closer to world war three than at any time in recent history. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, bringing armed warfare back to the European continent for the first time since the end of the second world war in that theatre in May of 1945. Over half a million people are estimated to have already been casualties in the conflict.

In the summer of 2021, the American federal government attempted to withdraw its military from Afghanistan but did so in an extremely poor manner. In the pacific, while the nation of China faces significant economic headwinds in the present, it remains a serious threat to American dominance in the region. It claims sovereignty over the island nation of Taiwan, and recently flew an aerial mission over the island in which 100 planes took part in a maneuver which showed strength.

Billions of dollars of military equipment was abandoned and fell into the hands of terrorists and 13 soldiers were killed in the activities in relation to the withdrawal. As the situation and tensions in the region continued to worsen, President Joe Biden negotiated from a position of weakness and made a deal with Iran in which billions of dollars in frozen assets were returned to the country in exchange for prisoners. Possibly emboldened by this. in October the Islamic terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel and over 1,000 civilians were murdered. Israel then invaded the Gaza strip in retaliation. Many other Muslim terror organizations have joined the fight against Israel, as the country is assaulted on all sides. A cease fire agreement was recently reached in the conflict; this is temporary in nature. Many Israeli hostages were released from captivity.