Mom Arrested After Horrifying Christmas Eve Murder

A Phoenix mother, Sophia Simmons, was taken into custody for murder following the discovery of her daughter’s lifeless body in a dumpster on Christmas Eve. The young child is believed to be around five to seven years old. She sustained grave injuries and unfortunately succumbed to them.

The authorities found and detained Simmons after receiving a tip from a witness. According to the witness, Simmons allegedly confessed to causing harm to her child, acknowledging that a scolding situation had escalated beyond what was intended.

Upon obtaining a search warrant, the police found evidence indicating an effort to hide the crime scene. Simmons was not at home when the search took place. She was in a car en route from California, returning to Arizona. She was detained in an area close to Phoenix and taken to the police headquarters.

Simmons is now in custody, facing charges of first-degree murder, child abuse, and tampering with physical evidence. Authorities were alerted to a distress call at approximately 8 p.m. on December 24. While searching for firewood in a dumpster, a man stumbled upon the horrific find – the lifeless body of a young child, believed to be between the ages of five and seven, hidden inside a plastic storage bin. The child suffered multiple injuries to her legs, arms, and torso.

The following day, the police received a call from a tipster in New York who reported receiving a call from Simmons, expressing that she had caused harm to her child and the situation had escalated. According to reports, Simmons informed the person who provided the information that she had left her house, and when she came back, she found her daughter unresponsive. Despite her efforts, CPR was not successful.

Simmons spent five days with the victim before finally bringing her to a dumpster and abandoning her there. Phoenix officers observed surveillance of Simmons’ townhouse and noticed indications of attempted cleaning. Upon executing a search warrant, the authorities discovered the residence had been completely emptied.

Simmons was captured in Tonopah, Arizona, and is presently detained on a $1 million bond. A court appearance has been scheduled for January 2. It remains uncertain if she has enlisted the services of a lawyer.