Mitt Romney Issues Virtue-Signaling Message About Ukraine

( Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), a former Republican presidential contender, claimed that the U.S. is motivated by both moral and national security imperatives to support Ukraine.

Romney thoroughly explained the United States’ ongoing military assistance to Ukraine in its defense against Russian soldiers invading the country in a video posted on Twitter on Thursday.

The senator outlined his points of contention. In conclusion, the Republican stated, “if you don’t believe that we should be spending on Ukraine, then you probably should say we shouldn’t be spending on national defense — and that makes no sense at all.”

Romney said he “sometimes” gets asked why we are helping Ukraine, why we are paying their military, and why our military is supporting some of the equipment we are delivering to Ukraine.

He said it’s because we care about human life and the suffering occurring in Ukraine, so of course, he starts with that “humanitarian reality.”

Romney answered why this is of interest and to the advantage of Americans.

He said that if the globe is at peace, we have greater opportunities for employment, money, and future possibilities. Things aren’t good for us and the people across the globe if there is strife in the world. But since fighting lowers our standard of living, we benefit more from global peace.

Romney said that we’ve learned from tragic experience that when one nation starts to believe it can invade and conquer another, it eventually spreads and includes us, and we end up being under assault ourselves. One of the lessons of history is that violence spreads across the globe and eventually reaches our borders.

He went on to explain that Russia is a country that is a geopolitical rival, and we should be interested in what is happening there. Russia is an enemy of ours, but we are not at war with them, but they are aiming 1500 nuclear weapons at us. By aiding Ukraine, we are wearing down and weakening the Russian military. Therefore, this is advantageous for our country’s security.

Romney concluded by saying we could just take all that money and use it to buy ourselves things here. However, we invest in national defense because we are aware that doing so increases the likelihood that it will be secure and wealthy and that our lives will be spared.

His message required connecting dots and sounded like he was shoveling it on a bit thick with the humanitarian angle.

Romney’s claim contradicts numerous hard-righters who have promised to cut off Ukraine’s military funding and charged that country with corruption and embezzling American cash.