Mitt Romney Announces Decision To Oppose Debt Ceiling Vote

( The editorial board at the Salt Lake City Review is super upset that both Utah’s Senators – Mike Lee and Mitt Romney – have decided not to vote to lift the debt ceiling.

Claiming that Utah’s Republican Senators are willing to “crash the economy just to make the Democrats look bad,” the Review clutches its pearls in horror throughout its 733-word diatribe.

Calling Republicans “play-acting fiscal conservatives,” the Review claims that they are poised to “push the global economy” into recession for no other reason than to make the Democrats look bad.

Say what you want about Mitt Romney, but it is highly unlikely that this is his reason for opposing raising or getting rid of the debt ceiling.

The Salt Lake City Review editorial board really lays it on thick here – calling Republicans “a political death cult” and attacking Romney, whom they describe as a responsible adult, for “supporting such destructive actions.”

The Review then declares that it is “irrational and immoral” to oppose raising the debt limit without a plan to balance the budget and rein in spending, adding that anyone in Congress who won’t do what the Review’s editors believe is “adult work” should resign.

Then they switch to fearmongering – claiming that not raising the debt ceiling would “damage everything” including (big surprise here) the “survival” of those who depend on Social Security.

Not raising the debt ceiling, according to the pearl-clutchers at the Review would be “an ice pick in the heart of the economy.” Would that be another ice pick in the heart of the economy? Because the shutdowns over a virus with a miniscule death rate was one gigantic ice pick in the heart of our economy. As was the trillions and trillions in spending Congress shoved through ostensibly for COVID “relief.”

The Review concludes its histrionic editorial by expressing disappointment in Mitt Romney, whom they really thought was on the Democrats’ side. After all, he voted to convict Donald Trump twice!!!

Then the editorial board urged Utah’s “fiscally responsible” constituents to contact both Senators Lee and Romney and demand they vote to do away with a debt ceiling that is in place to ensure Congress learn to be fiscally responsible.