Mitch McConnell Slams Joe Biden

( President Joe Biden isn’t getting a free pass from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell anymore.

On Monday, McConnell heavily criticized the president’s infrastructure proposal during a speech on the Senate floor. He warned that the progressive proposal would end up costing taxpayers thousands of dollars each. He further criticized Democrats for trying to push through dishonest legislation.

McConnell argued that the package would fail to create jobs or improve the nation’s infrastructure. He said:

“I understand this is no longer an infrastructure plan. Now, it’s a jobs plan, but that turns out to be just as dishonest … This plan would cost Americans more than $800,000 for every new job that would exist 10 years down the road … This plan is bloated, unfocused, it’s not a targeted recipe for better public works.”

McConnell did a great job of highlighting parts of the infrastructure bill that are the most egregious. He laid out how the bill itself doesn’t include proper funding for actual infrastructure projects. Instead, so much money would be invested with labor unions and spent expanding broadband internet technology.

The Minority Leader pointed out that everything on Biden’s excessive “wish list” is being hidden in the depths of this infrastructure bill. Republicans should not let Democrats push through this bill, he said, and Americans should take notice, too.

He continued:

“This is a sloppy liberal wish list that would spend a lot and get very little in return. The far left has been bragging about all the social engineers and welfare spending that is stuffed into these proposals. They boasted that the DNA of the Green New Deal is all over this administration’s agenda.”

Following the speech, McConnell took to Twitter to praise the efforts by Republicans to actually address infrastructure issues. He tweeted:

“Republicans have responded to Democrats’ ‘infrastructure’ bill with a smart proposal to meet real needs. Roads. Bridges. Ports. Airports. Waterways. Broadband. Are Democrats ready to work together? Or was ‘infrastructure’ just wrapping paper for more gifts to the far left?”

Republican Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming agreed. He said the Democrats’ $2 trillion proposal was wasting funds on projects that have nothing to with infrastructure. Republicans’ plan, meanwhile, is only $600 billion and focuses on specific infrastructure needs that would help American people.

As he said about Biden’s plan:

“He puts more money in his proposal for electrical vehicles than he does for roads, bridges, ports, airports and waterways combined. So, it’s time to say we want to do things that are really in the best interest of the American people, what the American people are asking for.”

McConnell closed his speech on the Senate floor by saying it’s on Democrats to prove that they will stick to Biden’s words and work in a bipartisan way to accomplish things for Americans … or whether they’ll just push through partisan legislation as best they can.

He concluded:

“Now is the time we learn whether Democrats really want to jump-start actual public works projects or whether infrastructure was only ever intended as a wrapping paper for unrelated gifts to the far left.”