Mitch McConnell Releases Memo Exposing Democrat Leaders

( The Democrats’ radical push to end the filibuster to ram through a federal takeover of elections has lit a fire under Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Over the weekend, McConnell issued a memo attacking Democrats for what he called “the left’s Big Lie.”

McConnell blasted the Democrats for claiming a vast “anti-voting conspiracy” is “sweeping America” and using that lie to gin up “fake hysteria” to destroy the Senate and disenfranchise millions of American voters.

In a nutshell, Republican Senators are fighting back hard.

On Tuesday, Florida Republican Marco Rubio posted a video on Twitter in defense of keeping the filibuster that features the words of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and former Senator Joe Biden.

And on Wednesday Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton delivered a floor speech in defense of the filibuster and every word of his speech was originally spoken by Chuck Schumer.

After Joe Biden delivered his demagogic, divisive speech in Georgia on Tuesday, Mitch McConnell took the floor of the Senate on Wednesday blasting the President for what he described as a “profoundly unpresidential speech.”

McConnell harkened back to President Biden’s inaugural address where he repeatedly called on the country to unite and urged the American people not to see each other as adversaries, “but as neighbors.”

Then McConnell ticked through Biden’s monstrous speech in Georgia and how, in just 12 months, Biden went from wanting us to be neighbors to accusing every American who supports voter ID laws of being segregationists and confederates.

He blasted Biden for invoking the January 6 riot while at the same time using “irresponsible, delegitimizing rhetoric that undermines our democracy.”

McConnell notes that in less than a year, Joe Biden went from promising to restore the soul of America to telling the American people they either agree with him or “you’re a bigot.” He tells the president that the American people deserve leaders who “treat them like grownups.”

Point-by-point, McConnell destroyed Biden’s demagoguery and divisive rhetoric. It is an outstanding speech: