Minn. AG Warns Of Summer Of Violence Amid Derek Chauvin Verdict

(FiveNation.com)- Following the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who arrested criminal George Floyd and was charged and found guilty of his murder, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison spoke out about what faith and community leaders can do to prevent an increase in violent crime over the summer this year.

Last year, Minneapolis saw damage to its city at a cost of around $350 million. 1,300 properties in the region were damaged or impacted by looting and rioting, and around 100 properties were totally destroyed or burned to the ground. The culprits were far-left activists representing Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Just a few days after Chauvin was arrested, Ellison gave an interview to “This Week” on ABC, and explained how further violence in the city will just make a bad situation worse. He described how the state has seen huge numbers of people lose their jobs because of their pandemic, and at a time when people are already worried about paying their rent, further violence would just be “injecting stress” into the community.

He said that the state needs economic support, eviction moratoriums, and unemployment insurance, but said that people must be aware of the risk of violence this summer.

He didn’t mention who is likely to be responsible for the violence, of course. Ellison is a Democrat, and he presumably knows that Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters are almost exclusively…Democrats.

Ellison said that it was time for community leaders and religious figures to work with law enforcement to “stave off” what he said could be a “difficult summer.”

He described a Minneapolis community meeting that was recently hosted by a group of pastors who were working with law enforcement on a new project called “21 Days of Peace.” The pastors asked police officers where the crime hotspots in the region are, and local activists occupied the spaces and helped reduce violence in the region.

It’s nice to know the local Christian community is taking action, but isn’t the burden on the Democrats and their supporters to stop promoting violent protests in the first place?