Military Translator Who Helped U.S. Soldiers Is Beheaded As Joe Biden Leaves Him Behind

( Despite prolonging President Donald Trump’s planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden has failed to put in place sufficient safeguards to protect the people left behind. As America’s longest war comes to an end, a former military translator who worked for the United States has reportedly been beheaded by the Taliban.

It sparks new concern that interpreters who worked for Western military personnel are in immediate danger as the Taliban expands its reach across the country.

Sohail Pardis, a military translator, was reportedly murdered by Jihadists, with his family telling media outlets that he was dragged out of his vehicle after being shot when he tried to escape from a Taliban checkpoint on a road. Local villagers saw Pardis being shot, beaten, and ultimately beheaded at the side of the road.

At just 30 years old, Pardis leaves behind a nine-year-old daughter. He had worked for American forces for 16 months and had applied to be relocated to the United States to protect himself, but it seems as though the Biden administration has catastrophically failed in protecting people who gave so much to help Western forces fight against Jihadists for 20 years.

How can President Joe Biden celebrate the withdrawal of U.S. troops when it has been pulled off so badly?

Pardis was rejected under the relocation program because he had previously been dismissed in 2019 after he failed a lie detector test – however, he was never told how he failed the test. The test had been performed by a third-party contractor, and hundreds of Afghan translators failed the test without being told what they had failed.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said that they are actively working to ensure the safety of everybody who helped Western forces, but that evidently is not going too well.

The questions now is…will President Joe Biden take action to protect the people that helped us?