Mike Pence Says He’s Still In Contact With Donald Trump

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, the Ruthless podcast played host to former Vice President Mike Pence. And in his interview, Pence revealed that he has spoken with his former boss on a number of occasions since Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

Pence was on the podcast to promote his conservative group Advancing American Freedom which advocates for conservative values and policy proposals.

After the January 6 melee at the Capitol in which many who rushed the building were trying to get Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election of Joe Biden, Trump and Pence appeared to have a very public falling out. The former President excoriated Pence for not stopping the certification of electors – an action Pence believes he was not constitutionally allowed to do.

Despite the falling out, during the interview Pence spoke very highly of the former President, reminiscing on their time both on the campaign trail and in the White House.

When asked about his future plans in politics, Pence, who admitted he isn’t a “long-term planner,” said he would only run for office if he feels called to do so. Asked if he would consider being Trump’s running mate again in 2024 should the former president run, Pence said again that he only would if he and his wife feel called.

Pence maintained that the conflict and disagreement that culminated in the January 6 events, which he described as a dark and difficult day, is something that he and former President Trump have moved beyond, adding that he is now focusing entirely on the future.

In discussing his Advancing American Freedom group, Pence said that he believes “the future is bright,” adding that all we have to do is tell the story of what the Trump administration accomplished in four years.

Regarding the future, Pence reiterated that whatever comes, he and his wife will pray and “examine our hearts,” adding “but I love this country.”

Pence added that he believes it is up to conservatives and Republicans “to defend and advance the freedom” that made the United States the greatest nation on Earth.

Listen to the Ruthless Podcast HERE.