Mike Lindell Files Lawsuit Against Dominion

(FiveNation.com)- Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and one of the most vocal defenders of former President Donald Trump, is hitting back at Dominion Voting Systems by filing a federal lawsuit against the company in response to a suit filed against him.

Lindell is at the forefront of the fight for election integrity, having already published two documentaries revealing evidence that voter fraud occurred on a large scale in battleground states last year, and was ultimately targeted by Dominion in a $1.3 billion lawsuit that claimed he lied about the company’s part in the corruption.

Lindell’s lawyers filed an 82-page complaint in a Minnesota federal court this week, accusing Dominion Voting Systems as well as voting machine software company Smartmatic of weaponizing the court system to silence those with whom they disagree. He added that the two voting machine companies are attempting to silence those who present evidence that the machines manipulated the result of the 2020 presidential election.

The Republican CEO is often criticized and smeared as a conspiracy theorist, but he has regularly presented evidence to back up his claims and is so convinced that fraud occurred in the last election that he’s willing to lose his fortune over it.

Lindell’s suit, which was filed by Alec Beck of Barnes & Thornburg LLP as well as Douglas Daniels and Heath Novosad of Daniels & Tredennick, PLLC, claims that the two voting machine companies in question violated the RICO Act of 1970, which is usually used in cases of organized crime. The suit also targets the companies for defamation, abuse or process, and deprivation of Lindell’s civil rights.

His suit is based on the concept that these two huge corporations are attempting to use their wealth and the weight of the courts to silence Lindell for exposing their corruption. And if Lindell is true, it has huge consequences.

Lindell’s attorneys estimated in the suit that he could lose as much as $2 billion in damages over Smartmatic and Dominion’s efforts to brand him a conspiracy theorist and to cover up their own conspiracy.

Lindell is fighting back with an even bigger lawsuit than the one Dominion filed…and it’s awesome.

Let’s see if David can beat Goliath again.