Mike Huckabee Explodes Over Joe Biden’s “Insane” Speech Targeting Americans

(FiveNation.com)- Former Republican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee slammed President Joe Biden on Tuesday after he made a controversial and widely-condemned speech about so-called “voting rights.” In the speech, which he made in Georgia, the president wrongly implied that Republicans are racist for not supporting extreme Democrat-backed legislation that would end voter ID and federalize elections.

The president also wrongly claimed he was on the side of Martin Luther King Jr., despite his party regularly promoting Critical Race Theory – an idea that judges people based on their race.

During an interview on Fox & Friends First, Huckabee noted how Biden “lost the debate” by losing the support of Rev. Al Sharpton and Senator Dick Durbin.

“When you lose Al Sharpton and Dick Durbin, you’ve really lost the debate…I mean this is insane, I don’t think Joe Biden knows what he’s really saying in these speeches,” Huckabee said.

He suggested that somebody else entirely wrote the speech – which is almost certainly the case – and Biden was just handed the script on a teleprompter.

“He squints, he screams at the teleprompter when he makes speeches, but I don’t think that Joe Biden is cognizant of what he’s saying and the impact of it,” he added.

A lot of Americans are probably thinking the same thing…

Huckabee added that when you start labeling anyone who disagrees with you as worse then George Wallace and Bull Connor in the 1960s – who were both Democrats – then it constitutes “crazy town stuff.”

Remember, this is the same Joe Biden who said that he would “unite” America. Now, he’s labeling half of the country as hardcore racists.

Watch the interview here.