Michael Jackson’s Cause of Death Reportedly Inevitable

(FiveNation.com)- TMZ has a new documentary on the death of Michael Jackson in which the doctor who killed him makes a lot of excuses and a police detective explains that Jackson’s addiction to drugs made his death inevitable.

Los Angeles Police detective Orlando Martinez said in the TMZ documentary “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson” that Jackson’s addiction to anesthetic drugs like Propofol made his death inevitable and if Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, refused to administer the drug, Jackson would have found someone else to do it.

Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, served over four years in prison and was released in 2013.

Detective Martinez said in the documentary that there were a lot of people to blame for Jackson’s death who have never faced a reckoning.

He explained that Michael Jackson went to multiple doctors to get prescriptions, often accumulating large quantities of the drugs. Martinez admitted that he didn’t believe Dr. Murray should have been the only one blamed for Jackson’s death. But proving others were responsible in court would have been incredibly difficult.

Michael Jackson died in his Los Angeles home in June 2009.

In his interview for the documentary, Dr. Murray said prison was shattering for him especially after experiencing the grief and pain of Michael Jackson’s death. While he said he would “always love Michael,” Murray said it was wrong that he alone was punished for Jackson’s death.

Murray argued that other doctors had provided drugs for the singer as well over the years and therefore were as complicit as he was.

Oh, boo hoo.

It was Dr. Conrad Murray who administered the drugs that ended up killing Michael Jackson in his sleep, not some other doctor.

Murray also claims that Jackson manipulated him into giving him the drugs and never informed him that he was addicted to anesthetics when Murray became his doctor in 2006.