Melania Trump Being Slammed For “Wrong” Political Affiliation

( After leaving the White House, First Lady Melania Trump has held a fairly low profile, dining with President Donald Trump in the evenings at their Mar-a-Lago club while he continues his political fight.

And while the former First Lady typically stayed out of the big political fights, she now appears to be being dragged into another big political fight…involving Jill Biden’s weird decision to wear fishnet stockings.

Yes, she wore fishnet stockings…

When photographs emerged of First Lady Jill Biden, aged 69, wearing fishnets while leaving Air Force One, Twitter went into meltdown. She was criticized for the odd choice of attire, but some chose to defend her by digging up old photographs of former supermodel Melania wearing swimsuits.

Daisy Cousens, a contributor for Australia’s Sky News, explained on the news network how the comparison didn’t make sense and it was just an example of “women tearing down other women” because they don’t have the right political affiliation.

“What I took issue with is the fact that people were putting up photos of Melania from when she was a swimsuit model as if to sort of decry the fact that people were criticizing Jill Biden when ‘look how terribly Melania used to dress,’” she said.

There’s another major difference, too. Melania Trump was a model when those photographs were taken, but Jill Biden was First Lady of the United States when she chose to wear fishnets – an item of clothing usually associated with sex – as she was walking down the steps from Air Force One.

Do you think this is appropriate attire for a First Lady?

Take this tweet from one left-wing Twitter user, which gained thousands of interactions.

“FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden was wearing fishnets and MAGAs are upset about that as opposed to a former whose name shall not be mentioned…who posed NUDE NUMEROUS TIMES?,” the Tweet reads.

“MAGAs have really sh*tty morals and non-existent ethics,” the user claimed.

But Jill Biden isn’t a model…and when she’s First Lady and walking away from Air Force One, she’s on the job.

Can you imagine the outrage if Melania Trump wore this outfit as First Lady?