Megyn Kelly Unveils New Rule For Mouth Kissing

( In a somewhat odd moment before President Biden’s State of the Union address last week, First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff greeted each other in the House gallery with a kiss. But instead of a genial peck on the cheek, the pair planted lips for a full-on mouth kiss.

In its write-up on the lip-smack seen ’round the world, the New York Post described the Emhoff/Biden kiss as a “cozy display” which “no one in the immediate vicinity seemed fazed by.”

Nobody in the “immediate vicinity,” perhaps. But on social media, the Jill and Doug mouth kiss prompted a whole lot of mockery.

Someone on Twitter shared a video of the kiss using the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get it On” as the soundtrack. Others wondered if Jill and Doug, unsatisfied with their own spouses, had managed to find love.

During Wednesday’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius XM, host Megyn Kelly and her guests Charles C.W. Cooke and Jeremy Peters briefly discussed the kiss-on-the-mouth between Jill and Doug, which Kelly described as “gross.”

After talking about the recent New York Times hit-piece on Kamala Harris, Kelly quickly brought up the awkward SOTU kiss and asked her guests to comment on it.

Cooke said he didn’t know what was going on in that clip, adding it was “bizarre.” Peters meanwhile suggested that mouth kissing during flu season is not a good idea.

Kelly said she doesn’t want people kissing her on the mouth or kissing her at all, adding she doesn’t want to be hugged either. She said she would prefer being greeted with a wave or a pat, but “definitely no mouth kissing,” joking, “I don’t know where your mouth’s been and I don’t want to know.”

She suggested that nobody should be kissing anyone on the mouth who isn’t a spouse and said watching Kamala’s husband kissing Joe’s wife on the mouth during the State of the Union made her “secondhand uncomfortable.”

Watch HERE.