Megyn Kelly Reports A “Bloodbath” At Fox News

Is it a coincidence that after Tucker Carlson’s last show on Fox News on Friday, ratings dropped to 2.65 million on Monday, 1.70 million on Tuesday, and 1.33 million on Wednesday? This stat was noted by Brian Stelter, a former CNN media correspondent, on Thursday.

After Tucker Carlson was let go from Fox News, former host Megyn Kelly said the network had lost half its audience and called the current rating situation a “bloodbath.”

Kelly’s reporting also pointed out the dramatic drop in viewers since Carlson’s final broadcast.

She noted that Tucker’s timeslot ratings on Monday and Tuesday this week are not a good measuring stick. She suggested we evaluate this week’s Monday and Tuesday on the same days as the prior week. 

The loss of half their audience is “a massacre,” as one observer put it.

On Monday, April 17, 3.174 million people watched Carlson’s show, including 445,000 in the target age range of 25-54. There were 3.223 million viewers for Tucker Carlson Tonight on April 18th, and 481,000 were in the demo. These figures are almost twice as high as the viewership of the April 25th, 8 p.m. ET replacement show hosted by Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Channel.

Fox News’s decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson on Monday was attacked by former host Megyn Kelly, who left the network in 2017. Kelly called it a “terrible move” and a “massive error.”

“I think this is a massive misjudgment of what their audience wants,” she said. “In my opinion, they have completely misread the preferences of their target demographic.”

Kelly called it an existential crisis.

Tucker Carlson released a video on Wednesday night at 8:00 that indirectly attacked Fox News and cable television. More than 67 million people saw his message across all social media platforms, and more than 837,000 individuals liked it.