Megyn Kelly Celebrates Divided Government

( When it was clear on Tuesday night that the projected “Red Tsunami” was more of a “Red Dribble,” many Republicans were disappointed by the midterm election results. But Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly remained optimistic.

In an interview Tuesday evening with The Daily Wire Backstage, Kelly reminded viewers that polling over the summer showed Republican candidates in the House and Senate were facing “absolute devastation” and it wasn’t until September that the polls showed the gaps were closing in many races.

Kelly maintained that Tuesday was “a big night,” arguing that the Republican wins in the House would obstruct the Democrat Party’s agenda. She said there wouldn’t be more “Inflation Reduction Act nonsense,” and the January 6 committee “distractions” would come to an end. She said the Democrats “needed to be stopped” since they had become “out of control.”

As it stands, it appears the Republicans will retake the House but not by much. Rather than the projected 20 to 30 seats, Republicans so far have a net gain of only 8 seats.

Control of the Senate, on the other hand, is still not certain. Democrats picked up one seat, flipping Pennsylvania. But even by the end of the week, the results in Nevada and Arizona’s Senate races are still outstanding. If Republicans lose both races, the Democrats will have 50 seats, meaning it will all come down to the run-off election in Georgia between Warnock and Walker. If Walker wins, the Senate remains split 50/50. If Warnock is reelected, the Democrats will have 51 seats in the new Senate.

Kelly told The Daily Wire that she thinks it’s better for Republicans if they don’t control both chambers of Congress. She said it would be harder for the Democrats if they control the Senate but don’t have the House.

She added that Republicans will have to “get dirty and fight those battles” whether or not they control both chambers because the Democrats will continue pushing their radical left agenda.