Megyn Kelly Calls Out LeBron James, Hakeem Jeffries

( After Kyle Rittenhouse broke down during his testimony recounting the night in Kenosha when he was attacked by rioters and forced to defend himself, the usual suspects of Leftist monsters on Twitter mocked Rittenhouse, reveling in his tears.

The loathsome LeBron James, the basketball star who breaks into tears on the court over the mildest encounter, scoffed at Rittenhouse, claiming his tearful testimony was staged.

Even a sitting member of the House, Hakeem Jeffries scornfully demanded that Rittenhouse be locked up “and throw away the key.”

MSNBC’s resident racist Joy Reid called Rittenhouse’s crying “white crocodile tears.” Reid accused Rittenhouse of faking it and putting on “quite a show for the nearly all-white jury.” She sneered that Rittenhouse was nothing but “a novice actor” delivering a “Razzie-worthy performance” for the jury.

After giving an update on the Rittenhouse trial during her Thursday Sirius XM show, Megyn Kelly rained fire down on LeBron James and Hakeem Jeffries over their tweets.

Of LeBron’s snotty remarks, Kelly asked “Where’s your humanity?”

But she saved her harshest criticism for Congressman Hakeem Jeffries. That’s not surprising. LeBron James may be a dope, but he’s a nobody. He has no power over the American people. But Hakeem Jeffries is a sitting member of Congress. What’s more, he is the chair of the House Democratic caucus. And, yes, he was one of the Impeachment Managers in President Trump’s first impeachment trial. For him to show such little regard for due process and the presumption of innocence is contemptible.

And Megyn Kelly let him have it. Excoriating Jeffries for proclaiming Rittenhouse guilty without knowing a thing about the trial, Kelly slammed him for knowing nothing about criminal law.

Kelly called their responses “disgusting” and “dishonest,” and added that this is what happens when the faux “social justice crew” comes face-to-face with “actual, fact-based courtroom justice.”

Watch the segment HERE.