Meghan Markle Rants About George Floyd and Breonna Taylor In New York Times Essay

( Former British royal Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry before abandoning her duties to return to California, recently penned a piece for the far-left New York Times in which she describes some personal tragedies and rants about the American politics.

Markle opened up about experiencing a miscarriage earlier this year, describing her sense of loss, before moving on to the issue of the 2020 presidential election. It’s yet another clear sign that Markle will not be returning to royal life or duties, as being a member of the Royal Family comes with the responsibility of not discussing politics.

“This year has brought so many of us to our breaking points,” she said. “Loss and pain have plagued every one of us in 2020, in moments both fraught and debilitating. We’ve heard all the stories: A woman starts her day, as normal as any other, but then receives a call that she’s lost her elderly mother Covid-19.”

Markle then described some more hypothetical situations about people suffering from the virus, only to move on to loosely describe the events surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor.

“A young woman named Breonna Taylor goes to sleep, just as she’s done every night before, but she doesn’t live to see the morning because a police raid turns horribly wrong,” she said. “George Floud leaves a convenience store, not realizing he will take his last breath under the weight of someone’s knee, and in his final moments, calls out for his mom.”

The case of Breonna Taylor, while undoubtedly a tragedy, was a little more complex than Markle made it sound. Officers were found to not be directly responsible for the death of Taylor, as evidence shown in court revealed how officers were shot at through the door before they returned fire.

“Peaceful protests became violent,” Markle added, in an interesting admission that her side is violent.

Markle even opined about how divided society is, without recognizing that the politics of Black Lives Matter and activists like her are the ones who created it.

On top of all of this, it seems we no longer agree on what is true,” she added. “We aren’t just fighting over our opinions of facts; we are polarized over whether the fact is, in fact, a fact. We are at odds over whether science is real. We are at odds over whether an election has been won or lost. We are at odds over the value of compromise.”

Maybe it’s time Markle spent some time in her California mansion focusing on self-reflection, and how people like her have demonised roughly half of the country for over four years now…