Media Praises Kamala Harris For Wearing Timberlands…After Mocking First Lady Melania

( The media hit yet another low this week when journalists appeared to fawn over Kamal Harris’ choice of footwear. Footage of Harris getting into a car while wearing brown Timberland boots became the focus of a media fawn fest, despite First Lady Melania Trump being mocked for wearing Timberland boots in past reports.

And let’s face it, Melania Trump is a supermodel and looks better In Timberlands than the wannabe vice president (cough, wannabe president).

On Wednesday, a number of left-wing media outlets reported that Harris chose to wear Timberlands while visiting California to see the impact of the wildfires in the state. Yahoo! Finance writer Brian Sozzi published a piece that suggested Harris “may have made Timberland boots cool again.”

In the piece, Sozzi fawned over Harris. It wasn’t so much a report as it was a propaganda piece trying to make our Harris is some kind of fashion icon.

“And with one boss like move, vice presidential hopeful and California Senator Kamala Harris may have brought V.F. Corp.-owned Timberland a long overdue sales boost this fall/winter season,” he wrote.

He wasn’t the only one, either. Marie Clair, a women’s magazine, published a piece with the title, “Kamala Harris Wears Her Timberlands, Gets Sh*t Done.”

It’s remarkably different from the way the media have covered our exceptionally stylish supermodel First Lady, Melania Trump. In fact, Yahoo! Previously talked about Melania’s choice to wear Timberland boots during a visit to Puerto Rico with President Donald Trump. Melania wore the boosts while meeting people who were impacted by Hurricane Maria, while Yahoo! wrote headlines stating, “This is not a modeling show.”

What’s with the double standards here? Could it be that the media is…biased?

And, back In December 2018, Yahoo! and a number of other outlets attacked Melania Trumps for wearing Timberland boots during a visit to meet troops in Iraq.

So what is it – are Timberlands cool or not? Or is it just cool to hate on the Trump family?