Media ERASES First Republican Gay Cabinet Member, Touts Buttigieg As “First” Under Biden White House

( Far-left media outlet “Pink News” erased the first-ever openly-gay Cabinet member on Monday, declaring that Pete Buttigieg may take the title under a Biden White House. The news outlet, which focuses on LGBT issues, incorrectly said that Buttigieg was “almost certain” to become the “first out gay cabinet official.”

Richard Grenell, the former United States Ambassador to Germany, was appointed as the Acting Director of National Intelligence by President Donald Trump in 2020. It made he became the first-ever openly-gay person to serve on the United States Cabinet.

Not only did Grenell rip Pink News for reporting the lie, but others also pointed out how the far-left media outlet had contradicted its own reporting on the topic.

Grenell also asked why Twitter didn’t fact-check the tweet, as it does with virtually anything the Republicans say that they don’t like.

“Why are they so one-sided?” he asked about the social media platform.

In February 2020, Pink News reported, “Donald Trump just appointed his first openly gay cabinet member.”

Which stands in stark contrast to the most recent headline that Pete Buttigieg would be the first.

Not only did President Donald Trump make history by appointing the first-ever openly-gay cabinet member, despite the media and Democrats calling him a homophobe, he was also the first-ever president to be elected supporting gay marriage.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a long history of opposing marriage equality, and even did so in both the 2008 and 2012 elections when he was elected vice president.

President Donald Trump has been smeared as a homophobe but made history with a gay cabinet member. He was smeared as a racist but made history in 2020 by achieving more minority support than any other Republican candidate in recent history.

Interesting, huh?