McConnell CONFIRMS Senate Vote For Supreme Court Nominee

( Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed that there will be a vote on the Supreme Court nominee expected to be put forward by President Donald Trump on Saturday. Despite a barrage of threats and smears from far-left Democrat campaigners and politicians, Republican lawmakers appear to be moving forward with fulfilling their Constitutional duty to confirm a Supreme Court justice nominee put forward by the president.

“We’re going to vote on this nomination on this floor,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on Monday.

During a speech, McConnell took on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Ironically, it was the Democratic leader who went out of his way to declare the midterm 2018 elections a referendum on the Senate’s handling of the Supreme Court,” he said. “My friend, the occupant of the chair, was running that year. The Democratic leader went out of his way to declare the 2018 midterms a referendum on the Senate’s handling of the Supreme Court. In his final speech, before Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed, he yelled, he literally yelled over and over at the American people to go vote. He told Americans go elect senators based on how they’d approach their advise and consent duties over these weeks.”

McConnell said that unfortunately for the Democrats, Americans “did just that.”

McConnell described how American voters grew tired of the tactics used by the Democrats and that the Republicans gained two seats while the Democrats lost four.

The Senate leader said that voters gave the Senate its mandate and that, as a result, they will fulfill their duty and vote on the nominee, who President Donald Trump is expected to announce on Saturday.

It comes as even Utah Senator Mitt Romney confirms that he will support a vote on the Senate floor for the nominee put forward by President Donald Trump.

Romney, who has sided with Black Lives Matter in the past and even voted to remove President Donald Trump from the White House, said that he supported considering the nominee as a matter of following the Constitution and precedent.