McCarthy Says Pelosi Might Try To Cap Audience At Biden Speech

( Far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly putting together a curious scheme to make life easier for President Joe Biden when he gives his State of the Union Address in person in April.

Reports suggest that Pelosi is considering allowing each party only 25 House members to attend the speech. It is disguised as an effort to keep people safe as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 sweeps across the country – but given that public health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci have suggested that the pandemic may effectively be over by February, the plans are raising some eyebrows.

A spokesman for Pelosi told Axios that no final decisions have been made about the plan, but that the Speaker’s Office will continue to work closely with the Office of the Attending Physician to accommodate as many members of the House as possible.

Again, Dr. Anthony Fauci – a man who has long favored lockdowns – even admitted in January that the COVID-19 pandemic appears likely to peak by or before February. So why is Pelosi’s office even considering this, if not to make it easier for President Joe Biden to slowly read from a teleprompter without much distraction?

Last year, President Joe Biden’s address was attended by 25 house Republicans, 55 House Democrats, 35 Senate Democrats, and 25 Senate Republicans. It certainly made life easier for the president with fewer opponents in his audience.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly angry about the rumors, and according to Axios, decried the fact that Democrats “fly on planes with more people than they planned to allow on the floor.”

He’s got a point – but Pelosi presumably won’t care.