Mayor Says Only One Group Of People Should Be Allowed To Have Guns

( Following a gunshot that injured two police officers near a Fourth of July gathering on Monday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court were too lenient on gun rights.

Kenney told reporters outside the hospital where two police officers were shot that only police officers should be allowed to own weapons and that he is looking forward to retiring to avoid gun violence.

Kenney said Monday’s activities were fun until the tragedy.

The mayor said it was a lovely day, but in America, the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court say anybody can carry a pistol wherever.

“In Canada, I never considered a gun,” he added. “In Canada, I only knew policemen with rifles. Gun violence never crossed my mind.”

Kenney said, “That’s how it should be here.”

The Democrat mayor called gun violence a disease in his community and said he fears mass shootings.

“There are a lot of goofballs with firearms, and they can obtain them whenever they want,” Kenney spouted.

Kenney said he’d remove the right to possess weapons if he had the power.
If he could confiscate firearms, he would. But Legislators won’t let him. Congress refuses. This is a gun nation. Therefore the governor and attorney general do their best.

“It’s insane. We’re the most armed and least safe country in history,” Kenney stated erroneously.

He told the reporters that we are going to have this problem until Americans decide that they want to give up their weapons and give up the chance to obtain firearms.

The question was then posed to the mayor, who was dressed in a soccer shirt at the time: Is he concerned about the possibility of gun violence occurring at huge social gatherings or sporting events?

The mayor said that The Fourth of July is not a holiday he celebrates. The Democratic National Convention was not fun for him to attend. He didn’t enjoy the NFL draft. Always finding himself dreading that something terrible will take place.

Both shot cops were released from the hospital Monday night.