Maxwell’s husband dumped her for yoga teacher

( According to the UK Daily Mail, Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband told her he was leaving her for another woman during a phone call while she was in solitary confinement.

Wow. Cold.

Tech entrepreneur Scott Borgerson, 46, had dumped his incarcerated wife when she was in the Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting trial. According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, the phone call became “confrontational” and Borgerson told Maxwell he had moved on with his life and was seeing someone else.

The source did not reveal when this call took place, only that it took place before Maxwell’s trial began while she was held in solitary confinement.

Borgerson, who married Maxwell in secret on Christmas day in 2016, didn’t attend a single day of her trial. One insider told the Daily Mail that Borgerson initially planned to stick by his incarcerated wife, but as her confinement dragged on, it became too much of a challenge for him.

Maxwell had been behind bars for nearly two years before her trial began and, according to this insider, it “put a terrible strain on their marriage.”

Yes, being held in jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges would do that to a marriage.

Borgerson and Maxwell kept their marriage hidden from everyone including her family. Their marriage didn’t come to light until nearly four years later when, in 2020, Borgerson attempted to free Maxwell on a $28.5 million bail package.

During Maxwell’s trial, tabloid photographers spotted Borgerson with yoga enthusiast Kris McGinn near his $3.9 million New England estate where the two were often seen riding around in Borgerson’s Tesla or Ghislaine’s black Mini-Cooper. Neither Borgerson nor McGinn will discuss their relationship with the nosy Parkers in the media. And, really? Can you blame them?

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty in late December on five of the six charges related to the trafficking of young girls. Maxwell’s family, who supported her throughout her trial, and her attorney have already vowed to appeal the conviction.