Maxine Waters Tries To Play Innocent Despite Being Called Out By Judge

( Remember how Rep. Maxine Waters made that disgraceful comment about protesters becoming “more confrontational” if the jury didn’t convict Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd?

Well even after the judge scolded Waters for her comments and warned that it could offer grounds for an appeal – and could have even caused a mistrial – the far-left Democratic congresswoman remains defiant and has continued to insist that protesters stay confrontational and violent.

Speaking to Jim Acosta on CNN on Saturday, Waters hit out at the judge and continued her tirade.

And, the night before she appeared n CNN, she also wrongly claimed that police officers are killing black people, implying that there is some kind of institutional racism whereby police officers take joy in randomly killing Black Americans.

“If we take a knee, they’re mad. If we speak up like I do, they’re mad. If we protest like Martin Luther King Jr. taught us to do, they’re mad. What is it that they expect us to do when police keep killing us?” she asked on Twitter, wrongly conflating the far-left agenda of Black Lives Matter – which seeks to destroy American capitalism and the family unit – with the struggle for equal rights.

How about you protest over real problems, Maxine?

Speaking to Jim Acosta on CNN, Waters hit back at the judge who very fairly noted that her call for people to become more aggressive and confrontational – which could easily be interpreted as encouraging violence – could have been taken into consideration by the jury as they made their decision. And if that occurred, the jury may have feared that had they found Chauvin to be innocent of the charges, that it would have resulted in more violence.

But Waters thinks she knows best.

“I’ve talked with a lot of legal scholars and lawyers, and of course, he was way off track and he knows that in fact the jurors were not in the room. The jurors have been — had an oath not to look at television, not to read the newspapers, not to engage with people on this. And so he knows that there was no interference with the jurors,” Waters wrongly claimed.

“But he was basically frustrated and angry, I believe. But I am very pleased there are those beginning to write about Judge Cahill’s basic comments. And one thing I read that came from someone from CNN was that the judge was all off track and he knows that this is not the cause of an appeal,” she continued.

Is Waters even more deluded than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?