Maxine Waters Claims Border Patrol “Worse Than Slavery”

( Given how divisive and partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been lately, even after Joe Biden was installed as president, it’s sometimes easy to forget about Rep. Maxine Waters and her quest to be the most vocal, radical, and irrational member of Congress.

But we’re here to remind you all about her, and this time, we’re looking at her nonsensical claims about border patrol agents.

After photographs were published by the media showing border agents grabbing hold of Haitian migrants who illegally crossed the United States-Mexico border into Del Rio, Texas, Waters went on a smear campaign designed to destroy the lives of those agents who were simply doing their job

The photographs and footage were wrongly described as showing border agents using whips on illegal migrants when in truth, they were simply using reins to control their horses. But Waters failed to acknowledge this, and gave a press conference claiming that the footage shows the United States has gone back “hundreds of years.”

“What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery,” she said.


Border agents forcing illegal aliens to cross the border back into Mexico is worse than…slavery?

Imagine if a Republican said a simple law enforcement matter was “worse than slavery.” Waters would be up in arms.

She then tried to suggest that border patrol is “trying to take us back to slavery days, and worse than that.”

Not once did she acknowledge the simple truth that border agents are tasked with protecting the border. Nor did she recognize that this is happening under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Where does Pelosi think that this dangerous partisanship will end?