Maxine Waters Admits Biden’s Not Up To It, Kamala Harris Could Become President

( Suddenly the Democrats have gone from insisting that Joe Biden is not in a state of cognitive decline, to admitting that Biden might well step aside if he wins the November presidential election and let Kamala Harris become president instead. It begs the question of why they chose Biden in the first place.

During an episode of “Inside the Issues” on Spectrum News (no, I’ve never heard of it either), Rep. Maxine Waters said that Senator Kamala Harris would become president once the American people had a chance to get to know her as vice president. She was vague enough that it could be taken as a suggestion that Kamala may run for president independently in the future, or that she may replace Joe Biden before the end of her first term.

Discussing why Harris failed to run for president in the first place (don’t forget her campaign tanked horribly earlier in the primary races), Waters said it was a result of her not being well known enough.

“Even though she had run in the state of California, she was not really known,” she claimed. “It takes an awful lot to get known nationally. This is a big country, a big, diverse country. So she stepped out on the national scene to run for president rather rapidly. Of course, she had been in the United States Senate. Some people had witnessed that she was very competent member of the United States Senate who could question many of our witnesses in ways that would draw the kind of information that she is looking, but they still didn’t know her.”

It’s a weird comment because Harris was well-known enough early on in the presidential race to be considered one of the frontrunners. The real reason she struggled to get ahead later on in the race is that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard completely destroyed her in the debates by drawing attention to her hypocrisy and willingness to lock people up during her time as a criminal prosecutor for something she had done herself.

Here’s a reminder:

Anyway, Waters went on to say that Harris will be “ready” to become president once she has shown Americans “who she is.”

“She would have defined herself in ways that people have an appreciation for what she thinks,” she said.

I guess what she’s really saying is that Kamala Harris couldn’t become president without the help of an old white man, huh? Sounds kinda racist to me.