Massive Caravan Of Illegal Migrants Marches Toward US Border

As the calendar year of 2023 continues to wind down and the month of December enters its mid-phase, life within the United States and the western world at large remains unstable and uncertain. Since early 2022, armed conflict has existed in Europe after Russia invaded Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been lost, and the war (which is the first on the continent since the conclusion of world war two in the region in the spring of 1945) remains a stalemated, stagnant affair. In the pacific, nations like North Korea and China continue to act aggressively. North Korea has returned to making bombastic threats and continues to hold massive military parades in Pyongyang. While China faces economic problems, it also remains a growing threat to U.S. dominance in the region and claims sovereignty over the island of Taiwan. In a recent show of strength, the country sent over 100 planes in a maneuver near the island several months ago.

As America faces the troubling reality of a deteriorating global situation, conditions within the country continue to decline. 60% of citizens are living paycheck to paycheck; stable, desirable jobs are scarce, and wages remain low in comparison to skyrocketing costs of living, housing, and basic necessities. The southern border remains porous, and millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the nation since January of 2021. While American citizens struggle to survive, the federal government has spent over 400 billion dollars in taxpayer funds to provide food, shelter and services to illegal migrants.

In a recent development, a new migrant caravan began walking from southern Mexico towards the American border. Many of these members of the caravan have said they expect to enter America illegally and then claim asylum. In the past, prior caravans had reached Mexico City and were then aided by officials there in obtaining travel into America by plane or bus. America is in crisis.